On Monday, 26.04.2021, the new "Federal emergency brake" entered force. The changes in the Infection Protection Act include federal restrictions that come into force as soon as the seven-day incidence exceeds the value of at least 100 at three consecutive days.

private contacts:

Households may meet at most of another person, where children are not taken into account until 14 years. This contact restriction does not apply if

  • marriage or life partners come together,
  • the gathering serves the perception of care and colloquial rights or
  • at mourning celebrations after deaths.

In the latter, the maximum number of people is limited to 30.


The new curfew is valid from 22 to 5 o'clock. From 22 o'clock it is therefore no longer allowed to leave your own property or your own apartment. However, walks or leaving the apartment in order to go jogging are excluded from this restriction. This should be allowed until midnight, as long as one goes out alone.


In order to continue to enable presence lessons, the seven-day incidence may not fall over 165. Should this be the case, the students return to distance lessons, whereby exceptions for final classes and funding schools are possible. This regulation also applies to primary school and kindergarten, but the countries can enable emergency care here.


Companies or employers are now obliged to provide two Corona tests per week. Furthermore, it was enshrined legally that the work in the home office in each case is as comprehensive as possible.

retail trade:

Customers may only visit stores if they can submit a negative corona test and have agreed an appointment in advance. If the incidence value exceeds the 150, only the collection of ordered goods will be possible. Exempt from this schedulation remain the food trade, beverage markets, reform houses, baby stores, pharmacies, medical instruments, drugstores, opticians, hearing aid acoustics, petrol stations, newspaper salesers, bookstores, flower shops, animal food markets and garden markets.

body-related services:

Services which require physical proximity to the customer are forbidden. Excluded are medical, therapeutic, nursing and pastoral services. Barber companies may also remain open. However, each customer must provide a maximum of 24 hour old negative corona test.

leisure facilities:

Facilities that serve entertainment remain closed. This includes swimming pools, saunas, discos, wellness centers, excursion boats, indoor playgrounds, etc. The same applies to cultural facilities such as theaters, operas, concert halls, stages, music clubs, cinemas (except car cinemas), museums, exhibitions and memorials.


As long as one exercises alone, with one partner or with relatives of their own household, contactless individual sports are allowed. This regulation does not affect professional and competitive athletes. In addition, sports should be further possible for children up to 14 years in groups.


Gastronomics and canteins remain closed, but the pickup and delivering of food is permitted.