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Wie auch das Wohngeld steigt ab dem 01.01.2023 die öffentliche Förderung für die Anschaffung von Photovoltaik-Anlagen. Durch die Novelle des
Mit Wirkung zum 01.01.2023 tritt die von der Bundesregierung mit „Wohngeld Plus“ bezeichnete Wohngeldreform in Kraft. Im Ergebnis der Reform
Bislang konnte die in 2021 eingeführte CO2-Abgabe vom Vermieter im Rahmen der vertraglich vereinbarten Umlage der Heizkosten vollständig auf die
There are situations where the landlord fails to assert claims against the tenant in a timely manner. If that happens, the
Der völkerrechtswidrige Angriff der Russische Föderation auf die Ukrainer hat die ohnehin angespannte Lage auf den Energiemärkten drastisch verschärft. Sukzessive
If a tenant does not pay the rent, one speaks of a rent arrears. From a certain amount of the arrears threatens the tenant
The tightening of the so-called rental price brake was one of the election promises made by the Greens, SPD and the Left Party. The Saxon government has
Both tenants and landlords must be careful when handing over the apartment. Because when the tenant takes over a damaged apartment and
If there is suspicion of misappropriation of living space, the authorities can request online platforms such as Airbnb to provide the accommodation providers' data
In principle, landlords are not allowed to keep duplicate keys for rented apartments, even if tenants are on vacation for a longer period or are absent for other reasons.
Since 2021, every ton of CO2 produced in Germany has been taxed at € 25. With the new Fuel Emissions Trading Act (BEHG), consumers should
On 23.12.2020, new standards for broker contracts or contents of a commission agreement entered into force. With these the legislature leads the
The government closure orders for traders caused by the corona pandemic have been creating significant financial challenges since March 2020
Save on taxes as a tenant - this is how it works: The study: If you work from home, as a tenant, you can
The CO2 tax will increase heating prices! As of 2021, you as a tenant will have to pay more if your heating works with fossil fuels
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