The CO2 tax will increase heating prices!

From 2021 you will have to pay more as a tenant if your heating system runs on fossil fuels. This is due to the CO² pricing that will take effect from 2021, which the federal and state governments agreed on in December 2019, as well as the amended Fuel Emissions Trading Act. The price per ton of CO² produced has now risen by 25 euros, which explains the surcharge for tenants.

However, it is not yet entirely clear whether the tenant alone will have to bear the costs of the new CO² tax, or whether the landlord will pay part of the amount. The proposal that the costs for heating oil and natural gas be divided equally between tenants and landlords has already been submitted by the Federal Ministries for the Environment, Justice and Finance. This is justified by the fact that both tenants and landlords have an influence on the CO² emissions associated with the property.

The final decision has not yet been made. However, it is already clear that in the next four years the CO² pricing is to be increased step by step to up to 55 €. Accordingly, tenants can prepare for further increases in heating costs.